14u UNITED – Lunsford

Head Coach: Laura Lunsford (LLunsford@fcgov.com)

CSA 14U UNITED is a 1st year 14u team looking to compete against and with the best competition locally, regionally and nationally. This team will play an A schedule locally, with select out of state tournaments. This team will look to qualify for Nationals for the 2nd year in a row (Alliance Nationals 23/24 Season)!


Coach Laura grew up in Iowa and played several sports, but her passion was always softball. Laura played softball competitively in high school and went on to play at Indian Hills Community College before joining the Air Force. Laura has coached softball on and off for the last 20 years for the school district and various club programs. Laura truly appreciates the power and importance of how sports can impact and shape the lives of our youth. Laura is in her 2nd year with CSA. 

TRYOUT INFORMATION: This team is currently full and not hosting tryouts for the 24/25 Season.