Meet Ashlie

Ashlie Rowley

Founder & CEO,
Senior Catching & Hitting Instructor
Catcher, University of Florida

I’ve always had a passion for softball and athletics in general. This game has provided me so many incredible opportunities and a platform to be successful in life. As a coach, we have a responsibility to share our experiences with the next generation so others can go above and beyond what we experienced!

While position specific skill development, strength and agility are crucial, I don’t believe our responsibilities end there. Teen suicide at an epidemically high rate, physical and cyber bullying taking over our schools and societal pressures stealing our kids youth it is up to us, as leaders, to teach our youth to be strong and confident in their own right. It is up to us to build them up and give them to tools to create their own self confidence and conviction. 

I believe athletics provides us the platform to teach and develop student-athletes beyond the playing field. It is the vehicle to teach them leadership skills, positive thinking and goal setting. 

My goal is to train the WHOLE athlete… mind, body and heart, and ultimately prepare these young ladies to WIN. EVERY. DAY.