The Colorado Softball Academy Foundation, Inc. is a Colorado incorporated 501(c)3 non-profit organization approved by the IRS.The Foundation was incorporated on September 1, 2021

EIN: 87-2534482

Colorado softball academy foundation

“It’s not about us…”

“It is not about us, it is about cultivating the game that gave so much to us. It’s about guaranteeing that kids everywhere can learn, grow, bond and have fun” with every ball thrown, hit, fielded and run scored. {Peyton Manning, HOF}

The Colorado Softball Academy Foundation was set up with one main goal in mind – to provide opportunities for girls in sports and coach the WHOLE athlete – Mentally, Physically & Emotionally.

Whether that means opportunities playing sports at the youth grassroots level, opportunities to play in college, opportunities to afford your summer team player fees, or an opportunity to be part of a positive and constructive community of female-athletes. Our girls deserve this opportunity! 

The Colorado Softball Academy is a 501(c)3 non-profit Foundation located in Northern Colorado.


Provide opportunities for female student-athletes through:
The creation of and support for instructional youth softball leagues.

Financial Support to offset player fees, travel and training costs for families who need it. 

Teach female student-athletes life skills through softball, including:

Educational opportunities related to personal skill development such as time management, goal setting, and confidence building.

Provide transition assistance programs for female student-athletes transitioning out of college athletics.

Provide health support and resources to female student-athletes, including:

Free mental health counseling/ resources in partnership with local mental health professional resources. Support the development of softball resources to ensure adequate facilities, equipment, and opportunities are available to female-athletes of all ages.