Mental Performance

Mental performance training is about strengthening  and conditioning 
internal processes of the brain, emotions & behaviors for well-being while creating an elite flow state of performance.

Just like any other aspect of sports (offense, defense, conditioning, strategy), the mental aspect needs to be taught, trained, practiced, and reinforced. Lacking these mental skills adversely affects sports performance. With the right mental equipment, athletes (teams and coaches) can avoid spiraling downwards and remain balanced, focused, and self-confident under pressure by learning to let it go and ride the flow.

Who is Mental Performance Coaching For?

Mental skills and performance coaching is for anyone looking to improve their performance on and off a field.  Colorado Softball Academy’s programs are for athletes, teams, coaches, parents, or individuals (outside of CSA) looking for their optimal performance. The key is learning to control your thoughts, emotions, and behavior, who you are, your optimal performance formula, and creating a flow for elite performance.

What they are saying…

“Working with Dr. Alley has changed my game and my life!”
– Athlete/ Pitcher 2023

“Everyone needs a Dr. Alley in their life.” – Athlete/ Short Stop (freshman in college)

Colorado Softball Academy Mental Performance Programs

Colorado Softball Academy is focused on a whole (mental, physical, emotional) player developmental program. Working in tandem, the mechanical and mental coaches design optimal performance formulas for athletes for a well-balanced, focused, and self-confident athlete. 
 CSA Player Development and Rose Gold Members receive 10% off, contact CSA for the discount code. 


Colorado Softball Academy athletes learn to manage pressure, conquer their fears, accomplish their goals on & off the field, and much more. By learning the GAMES© method, athletes have high for elite performance. These are one-on-one sessions.

Prices below are based off of a 1 hour 1:1 private coaching session.


Colorado Softball Academy provides teams with the mental skills that sports demand. By infusing elements of the GAMES© methods and teaching the TEAMS© method, this program is customized to the team’s needs, on or off the field. Such as enhancing verbal & non-verbal communication, team culture, the mental processing behind the mechanics of the game, leadership development, managing stress, and other team elements. Scheduled as needed.

Prices below are based off of a 12 player roster. Team training includes training for athletes, coaches and parents!

To make a one-time payment, click the link below. To make monthly payments, please contact CSA to set up your payment plan. 

Contact Dr. Alley Dake for package pricing and payment plan information (


Colorado Softball Academy builds these courses on the belief…part of who an athlete stems from their parents.   CSA offers classes specifically designed for parents of athletes.  These classes are built on the methodology of GAMES© to best support their athletes positively, effectively, and successfully . These classes are offered bi-monthly.

*When athletes are in a 1:1 coaching scenario, and a CSA Member, this program is included in the whole-system developmental process.


This program is for individuals who strive to be a leader. Built on five pillars of success and an adaptation of the GAMES© method. This program is taught in a small group setting and is offered bi-monthly.


ReGen© GRADUATE! This program is for an individual who strives to be a leader. Built on five pillars of success and an adaptation of the GAMES© method, this program is a one-on-one coaching program for collegiate graduates to accomplish their personal or professional goals.