Meet Taylor

Taylor Gentry

Director of Player Development
Senior Hitting & Fielding Instructor
Untility, Colorado State University

Taylor’s love for the game of softball began when she was just 5 years old. She grew up watching her parents play this great game which just deepened Taylor’s love. Taylor loves anything that is a challenge which is why softball was and is the perfect sport for her. The mental side of softball offers new ways to grow as an individual both on and off the field. With time to think in middle of defensive plays, at bats, and in the dugout, softball makes players constantly adjust and make decisions quickly. Taylor was a Utility player at Colorado State University, where her mom and sisters also played!

Her passion for the game came from her family, full of competitive, high-level softball players. The Hutton girls were always eager to compete and their love for one another grew through the game of softball. She has had such passionate, caring coaches in the past and her desire is to carry her passion to her athletes as well.

As Taylor continues to give her all to CSA and her athletes, it is her goal to help athletes reach their fullest potential as student-athletes and accomplish their individual goals. By doing this, she believes we can make Colorado a top 10 state to look for future College/Olympic/Professional softball players.

Taylor will drop anything for those around her to reach a goal. She will fight for you and with you through the good times and the bad. We are thankful to have her on our team!