The Activity is Colorado Softball Academy Opening Day 'can you hit against a DI pitcher'. Colorado Softball Academy, also referred to as 'CSA' are one and the same. WHEREAS, I acknowledge that there are certain risks, hazards and dangers, including risk of physical injury, disability, or death and risk of loss, use or damage to personal property, as a result of allowing my child to participate in this Activity. WHEREAS, I understand that Risks include, but are not limited to scratches, bruises, sprains, lacerations, fractures, concussions, or even more severely debilitating or life-threatening hazards. WHEREAS, I understand that injury or loss may result from unknown or unexpected risks and from the use of equipment, materials, environmental conditions; from the acts or omissions of others; or from the unavailability of immediate and/or adequate emergency medical care. WHEREAS, I understand that the Colorado Softball Academy or its Members do not guarantee the personal health or safety for participants, nor does CSA protect against risk of loss of personal property. If my child is injured or becomes ill and/or causes harm to another person or another person's property while participating in this Activity, I will accept full responsibility and liability for all losses and any medical bills. Additionally, I will accept full responsibility and liability for losses or injury that take place on softball fields reserved for CSA participation. WHEREAS, I will not seek reimbursement or indemnity of any kind from Colorado Softball Academy nor does CSA assume responsibility or liability for any such loss or injury that could arise from the Activity. NOW THEREFOR, in consideration for allowing my child to participate in the Activity, I hereby release and forever discharge Colorado Softball Academy, its members, representatives, predecessors, heirs, successors, or assigns of any kind from any and all present, known and unknown claims, demands, obligations, actions, and causes of action based on the Activity now and in the future.